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About PALO

PALO Adventures originated from one woman's passion (palo in finnish) for outdoor adventures. PALO's goal is to make nature experiences accessible to everyone so that we can experience the joy exceeding ourselves brings. Why is this important in developing cycling destinations and routes, in planning a travel itineraries or when guiding groups? When developing cycling routes and products we are creating experiences. PALO is specialised in creating experiences in the field of cycle tourism whether it's route, service or travel itinery development, branding or guiding. Contact us if you're looking for a partner. We can also assist your destination or company in content creation and influencer marketing.

Henna Palosaari

Founder, Tourism Specialist & Consult, Adventurer, Content Creator, Event Producer and Wilderness guide

My passion for outdoor adventures led me to transition from the field of finance into the tourism industry. I worked with one of the world's largest companies specialising in active travel before returning to Finland to utilise my knowledge in developing Finland as a cycling destination. For the past three years, I have been developing Finland into premier cycling destination, including creating a brand for Finland's cycle tourism, Bikeland, and assisting regions in cycling route and service development. Over the past four years, I have also specialised in marketing, content creation, and video production, working with several well-known international brands such as Shimano, SCOTT, Suunto, Haglöfs, and Velocio. Additionally, I'm an event producer in Taivasalla outdoor community where we create outdoor events.

tel. +358408456763

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Cycle tourism consulting, guide services or content creation - we help you!
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